When we come together in circle, we heal...

And that's what CIT is all about.

Circle in Truth is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization designed to ignite personal evolution and social change by deepening our relationship with ourselves and others. We offer Teen Talking Circle  training and education for adults to facilitate youth and adult talking circles.

In addition to our trainings and workshops, we provide bi-weekly local teen talking circles in our community. 

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We are all seeking connection and intimacy in relationship

Despite our increasingly plugged in, tuned in world, more people than ever are anxious, afraid, sad, feeling disconnected and lonely. Our youth are especially vulnerable to this. It doesn’t need to be this way. 



This work saves lives.

Growing research indicates that healthy relationships are key for thriving. Yet how to have them, with ourselves and others, isn’t something that’s taught in schools or the workplace.

Dubbed "The Antidote to Social Media", we offer time-tested methods and warm, welcoming places for teens to practice deep connection, compassionate communication, and how to navigate conflict towards personal and collective growth.

We’ve been offering these Circles to youth and adults for 25 years and are still humbled every time a participant tells us that this work saved their life.

I never experienced depression in high school because being a part of a talking circle allowed me to express my feelings and feel understood and unashamed of what I was working with. I created incredibly deep relationships with my friends with whom I was in group - friendships that remain into my 30s. It gave me the tools of relationship that so many folks never learn - how to communicate in a way that opens others up instead of shutting them down. I’m eternally grateful for my time in circle and for the way it has shaped my life as an adult.
— — Nora Harrington, Circle Facilitator (2012) and Participant ‘95-98