Fall 2018 Level 1 Training: 11/8-11/11

Fall 2018 Level 1 Training: 11/8-11/11


Immerse yourself in the foundations of CIT Methodology and experience the profound healing of being your authentic self among supportive peers.

Upon completion of this training, you and your co-facilitator should have the tools and practice needed to begin facilitating circle. When you facilitate circle, you are eligible to participate in our monthly Facilitator’s Circle for ongoing support and guidance.

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In Level 1 training, you will learn how to create sacred space, communicate with depth, effectively navigate conflict, and accelerate mutual growth in circle and beyond. These skills can be used by anyone, anywhere at anytime. 

Level 1 Learning Objectives

  • Setting Sacred Space using C.I.R.C.L.I.N.G. Methodology

  • DOs and DON’Ts of Effective Communication

  • Vagus Nerve and Heart Math - Biological Science of Reactivity

  • What to do when you are triggered

  • Framework of Human Development

  • Check In’s – Speaking from the Heart

  • Reflective Listening

  • Extensive Circling Practice

  • Logistics of starting a circle

  • Teens and Young Adult Circles - additional logistics and techniques

This training begins with an evening session on Thursday from 4-8pm and continues Friday through Sunday from 9:30am to 5pm.

Early Bird Pricing (ends 6/23) $495*
Regular Pricing $550*
*includes handbook, lunch, optional yoga class offered at 8am Fri-Sun