circling methodology

Our methods integrate both ancient traditions and modern approaches. As a learning organization, we respond to the rapidly changing conditions of our world with practiced tools for connection and healing.

We begin by researching the best communication tools available for growth and development. In circle, we cultivate a connected, confidential, and inclusive space. In the presence of peers, one is seen for the truth of who they are and learns to deeply empathize with others. We can see a different view, even if we do not agree.

Our faculty are highly-trained seasoned professionals. We guide each circle through a proven process of communication. Conflict is not avoided, instead used precisely and effectively to expand our own perspective. Growth, deep connection and healing are the result.

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This experience was worth every penny for me. I found it deeply therapeutic, and I feel different in distinct ways that I’m proud of and excited about.
— Annie Hillier

Facilitator Training & education

To be in relationship successfully takes both education and practice. In our trainings we discover new aspects of our shared humanity and uncover deep growth potentials in ourselves and others. We reflect and embrace multiple perspectives. No matter what your ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or political ideology, you are welcome here.

We have been training Circle Facilitators for decades on how to communicate with depth of connection, deal with conflict, create sacred space and accelerate mutual growth in all relationships. Circle skills can be used by anyone, anywhere.


training & Certification

Our Facilitator Trainings are a transformative journey into Circle in Truth Methodology through research-based education, clear systems and immersive practice.

The relationship skills you will learn can be used anywhere. Anyone can facilitate a circle if they have the desire. Our participants have included: therapists, mentors, counselors, parents, coaches, teachers, and leaders. Circle can be held among any group, from middle school to adults. Reconnecting with ourselves and our peers is a crucial step in healing and growth.

After training hundreds of Facilitators in Level 1, we are now prepared to offer Level 2 and 3 trainings. Upon successful completion of Level 1, 2 and 3, and with Peer Review, you will be Certified as a CIT Facilitator and listed in our Directory.


Level 1: Reflection

First learn then practice the foundations of CIT Methodology by diving into circle to experience the profound healing of being your authentic self among supportive peers. Expand perspectives and hold complexity by understanding the field of human development.

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Level 2: Shadow

Here we face the painful, unconscious aspects of being human. We will learn and practice tools for contemplation, dialogue and perspective taking to navigate conflict arising from the parts of ourselves kept in the dark. As we lean in with support and guidance, we can experience the alchemy of turning garbage into gold, accessing healing and growth in our relationships.

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Level 3: Integration

Bring it all together in a 4 day retreat to deepen our connection to self and other, master communication tools, and refine our intuition. In a supported setting, we delve into the power of self-reflection, circle, silence and nature, returning fully resourced and ready to hold transformational space for others.

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