The team


Kimberley Lafferty,
Executive Director

Kimberley joined CIT as Executive Director in 2017. Before joining TTC, Kimberley spent 12 years as Founder and Executive Director of Yoga Studies Institute (YSI), a 501c3 organization. YSI trained the worlds’ yoga teachers on the ancient practices of the Himalayan Plateau, while integrating modern practices of psychology, education, and neurobiology. She has a BA in English (Whitman), and MA in Human Development/Developmental Psychology (Fielding). Kimberley also graduated from a 12 year study/practice program in Tibetan Buddhism and Yoga and was chosen as one of the first female western “lineage lamas” in the lineage of the Dalai Lama. 


Jeny Rae Vidal,
Operations Manager

Jeny Rae Vidal joined CIT in 2017 as Operations Manager.  She has worked in the non-profit world for over 10 years  As a beloved yoga teacher with a degree in Sociology from UC Berkeley, Jeny Rae is inspired by the intersectionality of activism and spirituality and believes her work is to find momentum and synergy between the two. She has taught thousands of hours of workshops and classes on Yoga, self-care, personal development, and sisterhood.